Samsung Galaxy S5 – Major Improvement?

With the release of the Galaxy S5, Samsung has released the latest version of a highly successful line of phones. With most of use having 2 year contracts with our wireless carriers, we cannot get a new phone every year and if are ready to get a new … [Read More...]

Galaxy Grand 2

Continuing The Phablet Family – Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung has established the Phablet Family and continues to control that mobile space around the world. Their Galaxy Note 3 has grabbed a lot of attention around the world and has established itself as the one to follow. When matched with the recent … [Read More...]


Galaxy S3 Getting KitKat, Android 4.4

Google has been making plans to roll out their latest Android OS even before the current version has been rolled out to all the mobile devices. It seems that Verizon is one of the last to roll out Android 4.3 to my Galaxy S3. As I wait for the next … [Read More...]

Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear. Is It For You?

The new Galaxy Gear from Samsung has been in the news quite a bit and it is just about impossible to not hear about it. It is getting a lot of coverage for a product which is constrained in its our mobile world. The Galaxy Gear works only with other … [Read More...]

Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Multiple Models

Samsung has seen great success with its Galaxy S4 smartphone. And with success, you sometimes make variations of your successful product to add to your market share. But Samsung has chosen to add another 4 Galaxy S4 models to the mix which may lead … [Read More...]

GalaxyGear 1

Samsung Galaxy Gear User Manual – SM-V700

There is a lot of talk about the brand new Galaxy Gear watch which Samsung has released and how they beat others to market, especially Apple. That battle is never going to end. But the wonders of what the Galaxy Gear can do for you while interacting … [Read More...]


Why You Need Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

If you are like most Samsung Galaxy owners, you have heard about Bluetooth Low Energy in the marketplace. It goes by Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE, Bluetooth LE or Bluetooth 4.0. While your Samsung smartphone may have the hardware components necessary, … [Read More...]

Galaxy S5

Why You Should Be Interested In The Galaxy S5

Yes, it is that time again when we start hearing rumors about the next great Galaxy S series phone on the horizon. And yes, the rumor mill is starting to ramp up for this next one. Now we all know that the rumors are all too often far more than the … [Read More...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – 2 Different Versions

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is selling well here in the US. And while the Galaxy Gear watch has been tied exclusively to the Galaxy Note 3 for the time being, it has generated a lot of excitement for the latest Galaxy Note phone/tablet from Samsung. If … [Read More...]


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 User Manual

With the release of the Galaxy Note 3, there has been a lot of talk about this get new phone/tablet. It gets confusing for some due to the size of this "phablet" which comes in at 5.7 inches for the display. While the battery life does not quite … [Read More...]

Samsung Gold

Is A Gold Samsung Galaxy S4 In Your Future?

With the release of the Apple iPhone and its gold case, it made many wonder what Samsung was going to do in responding to what Apple had released. It seems that it was very quick that a gold Samsung Galaxy S4 was being talked about all over the web. … [Read More...]

Galaxy S4 Mini

Galaxy S4 Mini Reduces Features From Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S3 when it was released was a great smartphone. And the subsequent sales for it proved just how great it is. And with the release of the Galaxy S4, Samsung has another great product to entice people to purchase. It has added features to … [Read More...]

Galaxy S4 home

AWS Service Coming To Verizon Galaxy S4 This Year

The idea of more spectrum to be provided to wireless providers here in the US is something we all would like to see. And the Advanced Wireless Spectrum (AWS) gives that by providing more spectrum to carriers in lower bandwidths. And given the crowded … [Read More...]

Verizon Galaxy S3 Update

Verizon Galaxy S3 Software Update Available

Verizon is providing an update to the Android software on your Galaxy S3 smart phone and it is available now. You need to be aware that the size of the file to download is 129.1 MB, so make sure that you do this over WiFi so that you do not chew into … [Read More...]