2nd Google I/O Conference Set For July

The rapid sell out of the Google I/O conference has Google offering a 2nd date.

The Google I/O conference is sold out for the dates of June 27th to June 29th. The availability of tickets to this event lasted a reported 20 minutes, but many are saying they were gone in far less time than is being reported. It seems that rumors of a Google Nexus tablet give away to developers has hastened the sell out which has traditionally attracted a lot of people. This latest rumor has the tablet coming with the next Android OS of Jelly Bean being installed and if correct would mean a great deal to developers. There are probably a whole other group of people who wanted one and signed up. The give aways seem to more than cover the $900 cost of the ticket to get into the conference.

Google IOWith all of the complaints about the fast sell out and the desire for many to be able to attend the Google I/O conference, XDA Developers is reporting a 2nd developers conference occurring at the same location on the dates of July 11th to July 13th. This is great news for all of you who wanted to get into the I/O conference and were not able to do so. According to the post, the registrations open May 1st.

All of this is fantastic news as being reported, but it sounds too good to be true. And it probably is. Given that this is April 1st, it would appear to be another of the really good April Fools pranks which are going on today through out the world. There are so many who still want to get into the Google I/O conference that news of this would appear to be exactly what you wanted to hear. When I first saw this, I was excited about the possibility of being able to get into the conference. After all the problems of trying to purchase a ticket this past week, any news about a 2nd conference would be taken in immediately as real. But we all have to remember what day it is.

Hats off to XDA Developers for a great April Fools Joke.

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