Galaxy S3 Being Compared To Almost Every Other Phone

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has comparisons on features to many other leading phones.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was announced this past Thursday amid a big marketing display and features for this coming phone. The S3 has not been released and is not expected to show up until the end of the month in a reported 50 countries. While the US is not one of them until the summer, this has not stopped all the comparisons from being done against many other smart phones in the market. Those making the comparisons are working based on listed specs which is risky. Here is the US, there is a possibility of a dual core processor instead of the quad core processor, so any comparisons relative to the US may be incorrect because of that. But that has not stopped the growing volume of comparisons between leading mobile phones.

Galaxy S3 S VoiceThe first and most obvious comparison is going to be done against the Apple iPhone4S. That is because of the S Voice features which seems to have a name taken from Siri, but Samsung would never copy from Apple. The Galaxy S3 vs. the Apple 4S comparisons are going on against the two with a 6 month difference in release dates. There are comparisons between the Galaxy S3 vs. the iPhone 5 and neither phone is available for consumers. Strange, isn’t it.

Then there is the comparison between the Galaxy S3 vs. the Galaxy Nexus in a comparison of specifications. A comparison between the Galaxy S3 vs. the HTC One X is another of the many which are going on. It would seem that just about every phone is being compared to the Galaxy S3. Here are a few more which are being compared to the Galaxy S3 as well.

And the list continues far further than what has been provided here. It would appear that just about every 4G LTE phone and many others are being compared against the Samsung Galaxy S3. This appears to be the normal way of highlighting a new smart phone by comparing it to everything else. In that way, you get to see how well it holds up purely based on specifications.

While we here in the US have far longer to wait for the arrival of the Galaxy S3, those in other countries have a mere few weeks to wait. Samsung has another great selling phone set to arrive soon.


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