Galaxy S3 Reports Of Fantastic Battery Life

Reviews of battery life are very good for Galaxy S3 phone are starting to appear

In the world of 4G LTE smart phones, getting 8 hours of battery life when putting the phone through the normal days activities does not happen very often. It is the desire to get through an entire work day without having to drop your LTE phone in the charger which many are looking for. Many phones require it to be recharged at some point in the day to last until you get home where you then drop it in the charger again. Not a good situation. With the stated goal by Samsung to provide a work day charge on their phones, it appears they have achieved that with the Galaxy S3. A very recent review has it last in excess of 10 hours of normal activity.

Galaxy S3 Battery LifeWhile we here in the US are still waiting to hear about the specifics of the version which may be coming here on June 20th, in the UK, they are reviewing and testing the new Galaxy S3. And it is in those reviews where we are now beginning to hear about the battery life of the Galaxy S3. Although it is not the 4G LTE version, it does present information as to what we might expect to see for the US 4G LTE Galaxy S3 phone. In a report from the the Verge, they are reporting 7 hours of battery life under intensive usage of the phone. In a report from Engadget, they are reporting life of between 8.5 and 9.5 hours of battery life in their battery drain testing.

In a report from, they are reporting battery life of significantly more than the HTC One X. And it is those 4G LTE reports which are providing a glimpse of what we might be expecting to see for the Galaxy S3.

After two hours, the HTC One X had rinsed through half of its juice, with 41 per cent left in the battery. The Samsung Galaxy S3 however had an impressive 76 per cent left.

A GSMArena report is showing battery life under nrmal activities in excess of 10 hours. That is impressive and exactly what we need to see. Given that 4G LTE phones seem to consume batteries far faster than what I would consider to be acceptable, it is looking very promising. Although these tests are done of 3G versions of the Galaxy S3 running a quad core processor, it looks as though we will see all day usage of the smart phone as compared to existing 4G LTE phones in use today.

Until we see versions of the 4G LTE Galaxy S3 phone, the battery life for the US will not be known. Given that it will be running a dual core processor, we will have to wait and see the performance for those devices. For the moment, this is very promising.


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