Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – 2 Different Versions

Samsung Galaxy Note 3The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is selling well here in the US. And while the Galaxy Gear watch has been tied exclusively to the Galaxy Note 3 for the time being, it has generated a lot of excitement for the latest Galaxy Note phone/tablet from Samsung. If you have not taken a look at the latest iteration of this “phablet” from Samsung, you need to get your hands on one to experience all of its features. The larger 5.7 inch screen has to be experienced and is providing you with a combination phone and tablet which rivals the 7 inch tablets on the market. As with our reporting on the Galaxy S4 earlier this year, it is important to pay attention to the model number you are purchasing.

There are differences between the SM-N9000 and SM-N9005 models which is important to understand. And here in the US, getting the wrong version could mean the difference between taking advantage of LTE or not. The Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9000 version sports a new Exynos 5420 Otca-core CPU. While Samsung has not turned on the full capabilities of this CPU, it is in place and can be turned on via a firmware update. The big thing for this is the potential performance that it offers. Only half of it is actively running on the quad-core Cortex A15 chip set running at a speed of 1.9 GHz. That may not seem that amazing of a speed for now. But, when they turn on the other half running on another quad-core Cortex A7 chip set, you will get 1.3 GHz from that half of the processing. That can split things up, providing for the ability to split up processes for improved performance. The big issue for here in the US is that the SM-N9000 only supports 3G networks.

The Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 version sports the familiar Snapdragon 800 quad-core CPU and provides a speed of 2.3 GHz. While this does not have the octa-core processor, it will handle all of your computing needs on the Note 3. The big thing to be aware for the SM-N9005 version is that it supports LTE networks. That is the big difference between these two models that you must be aware of. And here in the US, you want to make sure that your smartphone can operate on the growing LTE networks. There are places where you can get an unlocked version of the Galaxy Note 3, but some of those are for the SM-N9000 version which only supports 3G networks. You need to really watch out for that.

The SM-N9005 comes in various sub-versions here in the US for various wireless carriers. Here is a list for the top four US wireless carriers.

  • SM-N900A – AT&T
  • SM-N900S – Sprint
  • SM-N900T – T-Mobile
  • SM-N900V – Verizon

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