Samsung Galaxy Note Phone Coming In Pink

It seems that Samsung is crossing into new territory with their Galaxy line of phones and the latest one involves the color “pink” being placed on the Galaxy Note. While the Galaxy Note is a hybrid and being supported by significant advertising by Samsung, it is a surprise to see this color being presented. The “phablet” device is one that has been in the spotlight here in the US and with this latest revelation from Samsung, they are now enhancing the possible color schemes for the phone to target an expanding audience. The information came via a Samsung booth at CeBit in Germany and Engadget has provided the information along with a video of the pink Note. While the pink Galaxy Note is a display only item, it is striking with that color. There are not too many details on this and one can assume that it will be coming to Germany first since it is being presented there. The pricing would obviously be the same, but exactly when and where it might be appearing is an unknown. We cannot even speculate as to whether it might be coming to the US.

Galaxy Note Pink

Credit: Engadget

It seems that the Galaxy Note is not the only phone device where Samsung has added the color pink. The Galaxy Y Pinkis available at O2 in the UK as of last week and is striking in its color. The big question is just how well it is going to do for the Galaxy line. There was a time when white was thought to be a color which would not do well as a smart phone and Apple proved that it was popular. So, Samsung appears to be working to prove the pink is a great color to have in a smart phone as well. The Galaxy Y is a lower priced model from Samsung.

There is even a pink version of the Galaxy S2 available from the Carphone warehouse in the UK as well. This was made available last month with a slant towards purchasing one for Valentine’s day for your loved one. Just how well this color scheme is going to do in the future is an unknown so we will have to wait and see.

Here is a YouTube video of the Samsung Galaxy Note in pink:


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