US Galaxy S3 Is Cleared, No Apple Ban By 6/21

US Court decides it is too busy to take on Galaxy S3 ban request by Apple

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There has been concerns about a possible Galaxy S3 ban by Apple for the US over the past few weeks. It has not been in the news much, but it has been sitting out there with the possibility that Apple could block the US sale of the Galaxy S3. That would be a huge impact on Samsung here in the US, but that concern looks like it will not be an issue for the roll out of the Galaxy S3 here in the US. The US court in Northern California where Apple has been trying to move a ban forward has now decided they will not be able to address the issue and overloads the court calendar.

And with that, the Galaxy S3 will be rolling out here in the US beginning on June 21st without the threat of temporary injunction being granted to Apple. This is wonderful news and means that Samsung is now free to sell the phone without the threat of a ban. Once the Galaxy S3 goes on sale, it will be next to impossible for Apple to get an injunction to prevent the smart phone from being sold in the US. Judge Koh, who is presiding over the Apple infringement case against Samsung over the Galaxy Nexus has said that adding the Galaxy S3 would “overload her calendar”. And with that simple statement, Apple is left with few options.

Apple can appeal the decision, but any appeal is going to take time to wind through the courts to a conclusion. And that possible conclusion would be after the June 21st arrival of the Galaxy S3 here in the US. Apple has been battling Samsung all over the globe in an effort to slow the expansion of Samsung products which Apple believes infringe on Apple patents. And this is the latest in a number of setbacks for Apple in their legal battles which appear to be an attempt to slow the growth which Samsung has been enjoying for the past few years.

The tide appears to be turning for Samsung in their battles with Apple and the release of the Galaxy S3 in the US is a big victory.

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